Erin Gaikowski


Hello mamma! I am the proud mom of my two kiddos, Kailah and Sean, as well as a physical therapist with the Department of Education. I was working out regularly when I became pregnant with my first. When I had her, I realized just how hard it was to get back to the gym. Even when I could technically make the time, I had no desire to leave my baby. But, I also knew how much better I felt when I kept up with regular exercise. After a few months, I once again found my routine, bringing her with me to hang in a pack-n-play most days. Then, the little boy's arrival, while phenomenal, certainly didn't simplify anything. I came across Fit4Mom after some internet poking around, and was immediately intrigued. I am a true believer in the benefits of taking care of your body both during and after pregnancy, and know first hand that support from other mammas is invaluable. I am supper excited to offer Fit4Mom programs to them mom's in the area. I cannot wait to welcome you to our village!